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Improving diversity in tech one school at a time

Our program prepares high school students from underrepresented backgrounds for jobs of the future.






How can you help?

200+ high school students from disadvantaged communities across DC, Maryland, Ohio and Virginia, with 125 students already enrolled.

In 2025, we aim to enroll 50 disadvantaged high school students in every state, and 1,000 or more international students.

The DataGen Scholars program prepares students for a future where data analytics and AI play a significant role. It covers a variety of skills, including using Tableau and Power BI for data storytelling, understanding generative AI applications, and obtaining industry-recognized certifications.

The DataGen Scholars program fills a significant gap in the educational landscape by equipping high school students with essential technology skills and addresses three critical issues: 

First, it provides access to technology education, as many high school students often lack tech coursework.

Second, it provides essentials tech skills as data analytics and generative AI skills are increasingly vital for future career opportunities. 

Third, it builds a more inclusive and innovative community by fostering tech literacy among our youth.

The DataGen Scholars program is six to 12 months in length. Initial programming commenced on January 1, 2024.

New programming starts every month as students enroll.

All program activities are held virtually and are accessible via phone, tablet, or computer.

If you are a corporate, business, or government agency leader, you can contribute by:

Providing projects

Providing small paid projects during the micro-job phase. You pay us and we pay the students.

Offering internships

Offering internships to participants at the program's end.

Spreading the word

Spreading the word about this partnership opportunity within your networks.

Making a donation

Making a monetary donation to support the growth and proliferation of our programs.

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Who can and should apply?

High School Students

Alternative High School Students

International High School Students

Participant course schedule

What is the Micro-Job?

It is an opportunity like no other!

The micro-job is an award for solid performance during the learning phase of the program. It micro-job offers scholars paid, hands-on experience, allowing them to apply their newfound skills in real-world scenarios. It builds confidence and competence and gives them a sense of purpose and relevance in their learning journey. The length of the micro-job varies depending on the length of the program.

Gain Experience

Scholars work 40-80 hours monthly on various data analytics or generative AI projects. 

Get Paid

Scholars are paid $15 per hour and earn up to $8,000 for their efforts in the program.

Enhanced Backgrounds

Scholars receive credible job experience, positioning them for abundant future job opportunities.

Scholars update resumes and create LinkedIn profiles before completing the program.

Increased Opportunities

Scholars become eligible for an internship with SaNDAI or our partners at the end of the program.