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DataGen Scholars Program:
Transforming Futures

The only program in the world designed to prepare high school students for a future where data analytics and generative AI rule!

Unlocking the potential of tomorrow's workforce!

DataGen Scholars is a six-to 12-month virtual program that empowers students with essential data analytics and generative AI skills. This program levels the playing field, providing opportunities for students to excel in a data-driven world.

Our goal for this year is to enroll 200+ high school students from disadvantaged communities across DC, Maryland, Ohio and Virginia, with 125 students already enrolled. In 2025, we aim to enroll 50 disadvantaged high school students in every state, and 1,000 or more international students.

The program has four components!

DataCamp Training

SaNDAI Training


Industry Certification

Component Details

Scholars obtain fundamental knowledge in data analytics, generative AI, and cyber security by completing 30 eLearning courses designed by SaNDAI team members.

Component Details

Through our partnership with DataCamp, scholars deepen their understanding of data analytics via 12 self-guided courses using DataCamp’s extensive online course catalog. 

Component Details

Scholars receive paid, hands-on experience, allowing them to apply their newfound skills in real-world scenarios. US-based scholars can earn up to $8,000 annually, and international scholars can earn up to $1,000 annually.

Component Details

Scholars will obtain an industry-recognized Data Analyst, Scientist, or Engineer certification offered via DataCamp. 

Learn via phone.

Goodbye to traditional classrooms and hello to learning on the go! Scholars access everything needed for the program via their phone.

The DataGen Scholars phone app is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, making learning easy and convenient for scholars. Scholars dive into a world of knowledge anytime and anywhere they desire, and unlock their full potential with just a tap of a finger!

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What current students have to say.

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Baltimore County Public Schools

"The DataGen Scholars program was a turning point for me. Understanding analytics and generative AI was like unraveling a puzzle. As someone with a thirst for knowledge, I’m now excited to dive deeper into technology and apply what I’ve learned to real-world scenarios."

Alexandria City High School

"SaNDAI's DataGen Scholars program was a revelation for me. Being a young woman interested in technology, I felt empowered by their inclusive approach. The generative AI sessions not only fueled my curiosity but also made me believe that I can play a significant role in shaping the AI-driven future."

Alexandria City High School

"As a female high school student, the DataGen Scholars program's e-courses are like a breath of fresh air. The way they broke down complex analytics and AI concepts made me feel capable and excited to learn. I’m now more determined than ever to explore the intersections of technology and creativity."

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