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Introduction to ChatGPT

“Introduction to Data” is a concise one-hour course that provides a comprehensive overview of key data concepts. The course covers the basics of data types, data analysis, and visualization, underscoring their significance in decision-making. It also introduces commonly used tools for data work, including Excel, SQL, Python, and R, and briefly touches upon data ethics and privacy. This course offers a solid foundation for anyone starting their data journey or needing a quick refresher.
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Course Lessons

Created by

Jeremy Williams, Jr.

Director of Operations / Senior Data Manager
Jeremy Jr. (JJ) is an integral part of the team, working closely with company principals to collect and analyze data, create detailed charts and graphs, and prepare data for forecasting models.

JJ recently earned a Bachelor of Science in finance with a minor in data analytics from George Mason University, further solidifying his knowledge and expertise in the field. He is a lifelong learner who seeks new challenges and opportunities to expand his skill set.